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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How do I get funding?

a.      Fax or mail copies of required documents to OOCash

b.      Send check for payment, including fees

c.      We will produce loan document for signature

d.      Upon receipt of all original signed documents and repayment check we will fund loan:

                                          i.      Free – Comdata

                                        ii.      $15 – paper check over-nighted to you

                                       iii.      $15 – wire transfer to your bank account – same day

2.      How much money can I borrow?

a.      Our current loan minimum is $100 and the maximum is $500.

3.      How and when do I repay the loan?

a.      You will send us a post-dated check prior to receiving the loan. The check amount will be for the amount of the loan, the finance fees and any payment processing fees.

b.      The payment must be dated within 30 days of funding.

4.      How long does the process take?

a.      The whole process depends on the time it takes for you to send us copies of the required documentation.

5.      What if I cannot repay the loan when it is due?

a.      Contact us prior to the date payment is due.